We came to live in China, Tianjin, in 2015.

Instead of continuing my career, I started to learn Mandarin and to follow my passion: sewing.

China is a paradise for sewers as far as the variation of fabrics and leather is impressive.

I like especially to sew handbags, colorful and preferable leather and fabric in combination. 

Since 2017 I gave sewing classes in Tianjin, it was a pleasure to show you, how to sew bags and accessories. Each bag is sewn with a high quality standard, unique and made with love. 

Now after 4,5 years, we are leaving Tianjin, moving back to Germany. We are excited to move to Munich.

I will work again and the sewing will stay my private hobby.

Thanks for joining the sewing classes in the past years and I hope to meet you all somewhere in the world again...

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